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Kitchen Splashbacks

A splashback offers more than just a cleanable surface, it also adds considerably to the design of your kitchen.
So choosing a splashback that compliments the rest of your kitchen is very important to the look and feel of the room as a whole.
There are lots of different styles of kitchen splashbacks available. Below are some of the more popular ones

Tile Splashbacks

Tile has always been a popular choice for a kitchen spashback, with most styles working really well to reflect light and give the design a classic look. The downside with choosing a tile splashback is dealing with grout, etc. With cleaning being is a laborious task at the best of times!

Mirror Splashbacks

Mirror splashbacks make an elegant addition to your kitchen. It reflects beautifully and makes the kitchen feel so much bigger than it actually is. But we all know mirror needs constant cleaning, and not just from stove and food splatters either. Mirror smudges easily and dust particles become visible when sitting on it. So again, if you are not into cleaning, you might consider an alternate choice.

Glass Splashbacks

When introduced to the domestic market, glass splashbacks were well received, because they give your kitchen a seamless look, with a shiny reflective surface making your kitchen feel modern and streamlined. A glass splashback is easy to clean, and although you will want to take care how you clean it, the glass will certainly not show up streaks anywhere near as much as a mirror surface will. Glass splashbacks come in a range of colours which affords great flexibility

Stone Splashbacks

Stone splashbacks (either natural or manmade stone) are an ever popular choice that can really help your kitchen to stand out. Stone offers many benefits, not the least being it is extremely easy to keep clean!

Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Stainless Steel is still a viable and cost effective option for a splashback in the contemporary home. It is easy to clean, offers a surprisingly modern look, and will still look the part for years to come.

Pressed Metal Splashbacks

If you have a colonial home or enjoy a touch of classic Parisian influence in your kitchen, then perhaps a pressed metal spashback is worth considering. It comes in many different pressed metal designs and offers a unique style. While it may be a little bit more difficult to clean, many people consider this a small price to pay for that extra bit of style.