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New Kitchen Designs

Designing and installing a new kitchen is vitally important if the kitchen you have is outdated, impractical or just doesn’t exude the ‘wow’ factor you need from a room that should be one of the centrepieces of your home.
A kitchen should be a room that effortlessly invites you into it. A room to enjoy food, to entertain guests, and to be a beautiful focal point for the everyday comings and goings of your family.

A new kitchen adds thousands to the price of your home

Many properties don’t sell for their asking price because they possess an underwhelming or drab kitchen. To realise this hidden equity, it is always advisable to install a wonderful new kitchen (and new bathroom) in your home or apartment, prior to taking the property to market. As these add untold thousands to the property’s asking price, and are often the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when someone is looking to buy.

Take the stress out of designing a new kitchen

Collaroy Kitchen Centre takes the stress out of designing a new kitchen, and their expert team shepherds the project from the initial planning stages right through to installation and handover. During this planning stage you can choose a kitchen design from the dozens of beautiful and elegant designs Collaroy Kitchens have available, or else they can work from the plans you’ve drawn up yourself, or even (as often happens) from a combination of the both.

Variety in kitchen designs is a must

Gone are the days when you only had three colour choices and one benchtop product to pick from when designing your kitchen. Because now you can customise your kitchen right down to the very last detail.

Of course having a plethora of choices may be heaven for creative types who are used to visualising the end result of a project like this, but for some people it can seem quite overwhelming, not to mention the fact that the whole thing can be an inconvenience to their already busy schedule. Which is why teaming up with Collaroy Kitchen Centre is a must. Because instead of pouring through endless home magazines and searching for oodles of new kitchen photos online, why not save yourself the trouble and go direct to the experts, and let them do all the leg work for you? That way all you have to do is chose from the multiple options presented to you, settle on which kitchen best suits your taste and budget, and let Collaroy Kitchen Centre get on with all the hard w

See your kitchen in 3D

With the assistance of CAD Kitchen Designs (computer aided drawings), Collaroy Kitchen Centre allow you to see your new kitchen in all its glory, before any work has commenced. The beauty of this being that if you don’t like something, you can change it instantly without it costing you a cent more. Only when your perfect kitchen is exactly as you’d always pictured it, does the project move to the build stage.

kitchen in 3D

Let the design experts create your dream kitchen

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a trusted team of experts working on your new kitchen, all highly skilled in their respective roles and working together toward bringing to life the very kitchen you have always dreamed of?
Collaroy Kitchen Centre’s reputation for producing highly crafted new kitchens of exceptional standard is something they take absolute pride in. With over a decade experience, you can sleep sound in the knowledge that your ideal kitchen is in the very best hands, and that you are making a sound investment decision that will pay handsome equity dividends for many years to come.