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Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

Planning your new kitchen involves many considerations as it is one of the most prominent rooms in your home. The kitchen is the nucleus of your home where family, friends, and guests gather. A kitchen may fill many roles in a household. Not only is it the focal point for your loved ones, and a venue for joking with friends, it is the setting to prepare and enjoy excellent food.

Kitchen design ideas should centre around your lifestyle for now and in your future. While a custom kitchen can cost more than a standard design, it is a worthwhile investment as the kitchen is the central point of your home. A superb kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home.

Valuable principles of designing a great kitchen include:

The work triangle of a stove, sink, and refrigerator should be compact and functional for more than one chef.

Sufficient space for family and friends to socialise without intruding on the food preparation area.

Having organised configuration of kitchen appliances and cabinetry doors and drawers.

Linear workflows for cleaning up and unpacking food supplies. Kitchen ergonomics help to facilitate a well-ordered workspace.

Favoured kitchen layouts include the Island kitchen, U-shaped, L-shaped, Straight lined, Gallery and Peninsula.

 Top 10 Kitchen Designs that will WOW Your Guests

The first step is to choose a layout that will represent your space.

A great start before hiring your custom kitchen builder is to visualise your kitchen using software with 3D Designs. Design your kitchen layout by using a floor plan to indicate to your kitchen designer where cabinetry and benches are to be placed.

Creating the wow-factor is about capturing the character of the homeowner and the unique essence of the space; a point of difference will bring this element to your kitchen.

If you love bright and bold shades of colour, a creative splash-back against a relatively neutral remainder of the kitchen can add flair. Mosaic tiles can also create this effect.
A connection using a sympathetic traditional English or French style can create a pure sense of tranquillity without sacrificing modern accessories. Classic styling is timeless and produces the best of both worlds.
Find one unique feature for your kitchen design. Examples include an iconic kitchen clock, with individual character. Elaborately designed wooden doors for your cabinetry can be used. A distinctive piece of furniture or an inherited piece can encourage discussion.
Creating an inviting space with an integrated window seat creates a feeling of belonging.
Complimentary textures and colours that reflect the surroundings of your home. A textural Riverstone granite can compliment the look of a nearby river. Herringbone patterned tiles or natural finishes such as marble and timber veneers can go well with flat painted, laminate or opulent finishes.
Colourful accessories can be an easy way to give your kitchen personality. Metallic accessories can add a touch of glamour and luxury.
Bench tops are an essential design element to consider. Quartz, for example, creates a beautiful feature. Quartz is one of the most robust countertops available. It’s stain and scratch resistant, and non-porous.
Decorative tapware can be an easy and subtle way to make a statement in your kitchen.
Coloured appliances can be boldly hued. A combination of colours for extra harmony, add a point of difference and interest. Black, red and yellow can work well.
Creative lighting is influential when you are making your initial design. Adding LED strips to splash-backs and cabinets, mood and background lighting is a consideration. The addition of a skylight can add impact and improve a dark and lifeless space.

With so many choices available to you, making your decisions will be effortless after speaking with the experts. Collaroy Kitchen Centre will have all the answers and advice to suit your style and budget.

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