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Kitchen & Bathroom Benchtops

How to choose a benchtop for your kitchen or bathroom

The benchtop in a kitchen or bathroom really sets the style for the whole room. It is the first thing that you see when you enter, the first thing you run your hand across, and the very thing that gets the most use. So doesn’t it make sense to ensure you choose the right surface (for both aesthetic and practical reasons)? Of course it does.

Below is a list of some of the most popular benchtop material choices to help make your decision that little bit easier…

Timber Benchtops

A timber benchtop oozes a natural sense of style and is very popular with people with eco-friendly sensibilities.
There are numerous types of timber that can be used in a benchtop, each possessing unique qualities of colour and grain. With the odd exception, locally sourced Australian timber is normally a little easier on the back pocket than timbers imported from overseas.
Common choices in Australia include Black Butt, Red Gum, Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Blue Gum and Spotted Gum, to name just a few.

Natural Stone Benchtops

Natural stone is always an impressive choice in your kitchen or bathroom, coming as it does in such head-turning forms as granite, quartz and marble. More than any other surface, natural stone will hold its value, and – if correctly maintained – will look as good as the day it was installed for many, many years.

Manufactured Stone Benchtops

In the last ten or fifteen years, more and more forms of manufactured stone benchtops have become available, forever changing the kitchen and bathroom design landscapes.
Manufactured stone benchtops (which include the popular Caesarstone, Smartstone and Corian) are incredibly stylish, durable and stain resistant. And, unlike natural stone benchops, manufactured stone benchtops are non porous, and thus require a lot less maintenance to keep them looking good.

Concrete Benchtops

Once upon a time concrete was seen as a substandard and rather drab surface. However due to recent manufacturing advances, concrete benchtops have now become a stylish must have for those who appreciate the modern, minimalistic and industrial design schools of thought. Concrete benchtops offer a beautiful texture, and – once sealed – become the ultimate stain resistant surface.

Polyurethane Benchtops

Polyurethane benchtops give you a glossy look which is perfect for retro styled or city chic apartments. They do however damage a little more easily than other surfaces, and are therefore generally used in ‘show kitchens’ rather that in kitchens that will be heavily used.